Windows or MacOs

Is your PC running slowly?  Does it struggle to open certain applications?  Is your hard drive light permanently on?

It is a fact that PC’s get slower and hard drives will never be big enough, but things can be done to make your computer experience a better one.  Could you do with a little more memory or a faster, bigger hard drive?  Is it time to reinstall your operating system or tidy up your desktop clutter?

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General Windows and MacOs Fixes

  • PC tuneup service
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Operating System reinstall
  • Fix registry, startup & shutdown error, PC crashes, lengthy boot-up time
  • MS Outlook and Office problems
  • Latest version of software
  • Sound card/video card errors
  • Photo recovery services
  • Secure your files and folders to prevent unauthorised access
  • Backup and recovery services for all file types
  • Broadband comparisons, are you paying too much for your connection or is it just too slow?