Training & Document Creation

Like most things around us, the technology we use is constantly changing, evolving and moving on, and sometimes it’s easy to feel a little left behind!

Coastal Computers can provide full application training or a customised training program tailored to suit your needs and help you become more proficient and less stressed, saving valuable time in day-to-day computer use.

We can sit down and discuss with you what you are trying to achieve and, working together, find a more efficient way to use the resources available to you to get to the desired end result.

Training sessions include:

  • How to become more proficient with email or MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • How to best avoid computer viruses, ransomware and other forms of malware, whilst getting the most out of the web
  • File management in Windows Explorer or MacOs Finder
  • How to digitise and centralise your paper documents, music or photo catalogues using a cloud or local solution
  • How to stay connected via Zoom, FaceTime, Teams or any other video conferencing or chat app
  • Implementing an automatic backup solution or move to virtualisation
  • How to become more confident and stay secure on the Web
  • How to get the most out of your smartphone or tablet computer/iPad
  • Custom user guide creation, explaining how to use a particular program or adhere to company policy