Virus Removal

Web browser and PC security is a matter of course for all of us these days.

Our services include:

  • Removal of virus, spyware, adwares, trojans, redirect virus, malware etc.
  • Get our Virus Removal Service at your home or we can take the machine back to base and return it virus free.
  • No need to take your PC to a shop – we can clean it without you having leave the house.
  • Diagnose and fix a slow running computer, computer crashes and frequently restarts itself, applications do not work correctly or are unusually slow, on screen error messages warning of viruses or missing/corrupt Windows files.
  • Get free, lifetime antivirus software for your Windows PC or Mac.
  • Free system health check with tips and suggestions on how to keep your machine running fast and safe in the future.

We offer a fixed price of £45 to clean a machine infected with a virus and this includes a home visit, PC health check and installation/configuration of antivirus software.

Call or email now for Free Estimate and Diagnosis.

Steps to a clean PC and safer browsing

For most of us these days, the moment we switch on our PC it is connected to the internet and is, potentially, vulnerable. But there are a number of simple steps to make our time on-line safer and virus free.

  • Use a good antivirus & anti-spyware program to protect your PC from threats like spyware, trojans, adwares etc. Did you know that Windows has a free, built-in antivirus software package?
  • Any antivirus software needs to update itself automatically to ensure it is aware of all the latest threats.
  • System firewalls should be switched on and all software should be up-to-date with the latest patches and hot-fixes.
  • Look out for spoof links and attachments in emails, even emails from known contacts as email hacking is common.
  • If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a website, link or error message the simple rule is Do Not Click on it.
  • Change your passwords frequently and chose a password that includes numbers, UPPERCASE and lowercase letters. Where possible, use different passwords for different websites. If a hacker does gain access to your email account and the password is the same for your eBay and Amazon accounts, you will have a much harder time blocking the hack and getting your accounts back.