Is your PC running slowly or beeping continuously?  Computer crash, faulty parts or no sign of life at all?

Does your computer have a problem, but you aren’t sure what you need? Relax; we can give it a complete overhaul so it will run like new!

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    We can help you to extend the life of an older PC or laptop in a number of ways, for example:

    • Full PC health check
    • Upgrade components, e.g. more memory, faster/bigger hard drive
    • Reinstall Windows or MacOs
    • Replace a faulty part, e.g. laptop screen, motherboard or keyboard
    And if all else fails we can help you to replace your current PC or laptop with a current generation model or tablet computer/iPad, setup just the way you want it.

    Having video or audio problems?  Try these steps:

    • Try to isolate the issue, ie, is the problem for all applications or just one particular website or app?  Could it be a hardware problem (faulty speakers or headphones) or software (everything was working fine until I installed a new program/update)?
    • Check Windows Update/Mac Software update and your soundcard/videocard manufacturers websites for the latest drivers for your card and operating system.
    • Install the latest browser updates.
    • Do not install unnecessary add-ons & toolbars (some programs install a toolbar by default unless you uncheck a tick-box during installation).
    • Delete temporary internet browser files on a weekly or monthly basis.
    • A reboot can fix some problems; if it’s been a while, give it a go!